The Fearless Monk - πŸ‰ LKL

Once in a remote monastery, in a desolate region of china, there was a fearless monk. One day a fellow monk ran up to him frantically announcing that there was a conquering force riding toward them.

β€œYou must leave this monastery quickly, this warlord shows no mercy. Everyone in his path has fled. Everyone that stays, he will run them right through with a sword.”

The monk replied, β€œThen so shall it be. I will stay here.”

A few days past and monks had all fled the monastery. Along came the fearless conquerer. He rode through the empty town content that his reputation had proceeded him. As he walked into the meeting place there stood the fearless monk.

The conquerer walked up to the monk and exclaimed, β€œWhy are you still here?! Have you not heard of me? I am the sort of man that will run you right through with a sword!”

The monk replied, β€œSir! Is it not obvious!? I am the sort of man you will have to run right through with a sword.”

(Credit for this can not be mine.) - πŸ‰ LKL