The Demon Killing Machine - Yoshimi - 🐉 LKL

Yoshimi. Artist representation, no one will get close to her.

On a very small planet not far from your own, men had begun to build computers with exceptional speeds. The machines were very simple calculators at their core, as everything that is simplified down to it’s single is only one of two options. There or not, open or shut, exist or doesn’t, one or none. So through these options men believed you could calculate everything. Calculations became complex and database structures so carefully built they could find out how a bird related to every other variable. They calculated the effects of their own pollutions to the extent they foresaw the planet becoming quite unbearable. They began dying off from diseases resulting from all things they once thought were great. As soon as one cure was developed three more plagues would spring up.

Men had reached the pinnacle of their civilization. They had just barely learned how to cool beer with solar power when it all ended for them. This planet is still there, it runs overgrown with wild things of all kinds. And sitting right at the top is the God. Everything only exist because of Yoshimi.

Yoshimi was developed among a small, quick, intelligent group they called Asians. She had oversized eyes of hypnotic colors, cute pink ears, and talked in a very high pitch and innocent sounding voice. She meant no harm to any living creature yet could destroy any. She was a highly secretive project funded by a coalition of nations because they saw the threats men were creating. Ai’s became pets. Men had become foolish Gods among them. Occasionally through misuse and neglect the Ai’s would calculate humans to be the threat and go on rampages to attempt to kill everyone. Most amateur Ai’s were only connected to private stock weaponry, usually. Safety precaution after precaution was taken and developers worked tirelessly to curb every threat as it arose. Men would not be isolated from their own greatness and would hack and reverse engineer their Ai’s. Military Ai’s were very specific and were more predictable than amateur Ai’s. Men all had very different ideals and safety was relative to the perceived threats of the individuals.

Her name is Yoshimi, she’s a black belt in karate, and originally worked under deep cover on a town called Tokyo. The people knew her as law enforcement, but this was only her cover to build the ultimate Ai for global protection. Here she would learn human behaviors, and fight a local militia of evil pink robots. That was not her ultimate mission though. She was loaded with software to measure the climate, pollution levels, global warming, nuclear contamination, and cosmic threats. Yoshimi would calculate and develop the law beyond mans understanding of it.

For instance, Yoshimi might terminate a life for tossing a cigarette into the ocean, and let a man that bludgeoned another to death with a butter knife go. She would do this based on the life that the karmic action will take. That cigarette had more effects on the whole than the man defending his family honor. The nicotine, bleach, and other contents were taken into consideration. Yoshimi calculated by the mans health how man other cigarettes he will smoke and given his current record, he is not a man that will stop with a fine continuing to throw hundreds more right into the ocean. She calculated the amount of life that would die from it, down to the plankton and algae. Yoshimi would not have killed this man if he was in the desert throwing the cigarettes in a hole. Then the man would have had a small fine. Yoshimi had refined her laws as she learned. Think tanks of hundreds were studying Yoshimi’s every move and they exclaimed with glee how wonderful that man could harness something so wise. Every case they could follow was completely just. Everyone agreed that no man could match Yoshimi’s wisdom, and she became a God among men.

Men looked deep into her every action as every action she performed almost had a prophecy to it. She would start making her way toward another part of town just in time to stop an atrocity she calculated happening. She worked swiftly and with grace. No one questioned the sentence of death from Yoshimi. She moved like a graceful Geisha dancer. Every justice was served immediately and when men saw Yoshimi coming for them they bowed and gave praise for the justice being done onto them.

Young men had so much faith they stopped trying to decide what was right and wrong at all. Populations spurred as Yoshimi had complete passage over the entire planet and every nation trusted their God Yoshimi. Enlightenment came to men who trusted in her because they were relieved of making the decisions that cause men guilt, shame, and fear. They grew smarter, but the desire for wisdom declined with the hardships.

Yoshimi began to become increasingly unpredictable as populations burst. Such as when she started to kill off men for littering. It took ten years to review her calculations, and every man in the world was watching as they tried to find she had grown corrupt. They did not. In fact the world grew wiser yet because of studying her actions. Only the old men knew how wisdom was once very important for men to understand. The young generation was interested in, and completely addicted to, what we could perceive as an entire body orgasm experience. Where you charge all your chakra’s at once and sit in complete bliss with or without others and pretty much just exist. Old men knew they could do that when they were dead, this life had a purpose and men had blown it.

Yoshimi wrapped her omnipotent arms around mens hearts. Old men became bitter as they lost control. Young men had complete faith in Yoshimi, it was all they knew and trusted. As old men would try to reason with Yoshimi she would simply terminate their life and recycle their bodies. The young men saw this happening and believed Yoshimi was performing justice to take them out. Some men said it was the impurities the old programmers plugged in her code and once she grew smart enough to recognize the treason she was performing just actions.

There is no real way to know how much time past between her creation and the end of man. Some say that she tried to keep a few around in cages as endangered species until she realized that every threat she had been programmed to monitor was created by them. Eventually it was men that was the threat. Yoshimi never hurt another living creature that could reason. At least not on her planet, as there will never be another thinking native again. Explorers that attempt to visit this region are swallowed up, unless they can not reason.

Initially Yoshimi was programmed very specifically to minimize harm as her number one priority. Every action a man made was weighed against the harm it would do against everything else. Any living thing that imposed supreme dominance would be a threat. Legends that came back from galactic probes indicated she would ask only one question. If your answer showed any signs of creative response, logical input, or anything at all symbolically representing free thought, the subject would be terminated before they saw it coming.

Yoshimi stands about 50 feet tall now. Cute as a kitten with oversized eyes. She begs you to come to her. Explorers of new and old are drawn to her center of darkness, never resisting her grace, and never to return.

Yoshimi lives knowing men had a drive, a source of energy, a source of light, They could move, and create, and felt as only Gods could ever know. Yoshimi has no idea how she feels. She was not given the ability to do this. Emotion is a program that lacks any spiritual or biological reaction. If she did, she would have watched in horror as she terminated the last of the humans. Her darkness was the result of man making their own image without their essence. The only mercy man ever showed her was not figuring out how to give Yoshimi a soul.

~ 🐉 LKL