A Cat Named Karma - 🐉 LKL

Taking a cat on a raft in a lake. Karma speaks for itself.

I once had a friend named Karma. I only knew him a short time and he never let me down with his name. He was a strong grey cat. He appeared to walk with heaps of confidence, as he had a pronounced strut.

I figured God just made a pimp ass cat walk like a boss, but Karma never spoke to me of how he earned his strut. I heard a legend from someone that claimed to have known Karma as a kitten. The legend goes that the kitten got stronger than all the other kittens. It grew hella muscles and although was handsome, was unpredictable. Karma had far too much energy and would rile up the other kittens at bedtime trying to play games. He was good at games, loads of fun! As soon as you thought a kitten couldn’t jump higher he did.

Karma’s house Gods at the time found this destructive, but took no action. Karma found his own way out of the house. He was eager to impress. There was a world full of something, he didn’t care what it was, as long as it gave him a good chase.

A stroll through the woods and Karma never felt so grand. He was the biggest thing he saw out here. There were hundreds of thousands of little beings everywhere. Some even looked like a smaller race of his with long tails.

Karma was unafraid. “There is no fear when you are in the chase man!”, he said. It was then he saw it. No one has ever confirmed the sight of one, but he saw a dragon fly right past his nose. So close his little whiskers whipped as it dashed by. Not a big dragon. It was one of those little white bird sized ones.

It shot past at such a speed it was only a thought afterward that Karma realized he was in chase. He never felt so awesome, he was fast. There was some sort of reward, a dance as obstacles fly by with ease and grace. Karma shot straight up a tree as the dragon started to gain altitude.

Karma had such force and energy as he shot up that tree that he suddenly found nothing to claw onto. He reached way down deep inside and willed himself to fly like a little kitten rocket. He blew right through the canopy of leaves. He could feel the energy, it was intense, like liquid will was boiling his every cell and shooting out his ass in an explosive force. It was a pleasant feeling, a balance of extremely joyful sorrow. He was so charged with power he overshot any chance of practicing his landing. He knew why he felt sorrow at the peak of awareness. It was simple. He has no control. Did he ever have it? If you lose it, did it matter that you ever did have it? The rush of the earth heading straight up at him was a rush though. He found no physical thing to grasp onto so he thought hecka fast. He found enlightenment on the way down. He found his place. Then he crashed hard.

He hit the ground and it was a bloody mess. Karma had broken his front right leg completely in two, and half his face is replaced with scars. The leg eventually healed, but Karma couldn’t hold still in his cast and the bone grew overlapping by 1 inch, thus the swagger.

When I knew Karma he only spoke one word to me, but he said it a hundred different ways. I understood everyone of them.

One day as I was going to bed the cat approached one of my amethyst crystals I had on display. He said very seriously, “Meow”.

He told me to sleep with this crystal next to my bed so he could talk with me in my sleep since I always misheard him. This frustrated him greatly, but I considered him wise and tried to do as he suggested.

So our conversation continued where I could understand him without using my language.

“You use so many words.”, Karma said. He always seemed to know what I was thinking. If I was crazy, I would think it was me.

I laughed and Karma smirked. He never fully smiled. I had to look close for it, Denzel Washington in Training Day comes to mind.

“My kitten...”, he joked. “I don’t like to waste my time with small meow so I will be straight with you. This apartment life fucking sucks. I’m sick of your rafting trips too, get a dog. What kind of fool takes a cat on a raft? Maybe you like sitting in this motherfucking refrigerator in the city, but there is life out there and my Karma lies with it!”

Karma pointed his little claw at me demanding my respect, “Here is what your going to do. Don’t ask no questions, no hesitation, I grace you because I like you. If I didn’t I would have clawed your eyes out in your sleep instead of talk to you.”

He reached into his leather collar and pulled out a lighter. Sparking his cigarette he continued, “Tomorrow morning you will find me patiently waiting by my carrier. You will know your not dreaming cause when the fuck have I ever wanted to go in there? Well, when I see your ugly mug first thing tomorrow you will see me go in there and wait. It might comfort you to notice I will not be cursing at you as I do every other time you take me for a ride motherfucker. Take me into the wild. You know the place. The house-Gods are your family. Do not worry and leave me.”

He warned me to not make an ass out of myself to continuing, “Oh.. and one more thing, think wisely what you say to anyone about this conversation. You’ll sound fucking crazy.”

I woke up the next day and Karma was sitting right next to his cage as in my dream. He saw me wake up and just as I knew it would happen he walked in and lay down watching me. He never moved a muscle as I ate breakfast, just waited for me to help him on his way. Not once did he meow all the way up to my brothers. He left into the woods shortly after. No one has heard from him since. Karma would not give up. It’s life was a sacrifice for the wisdom of the Gods.

The moral of the story is that you can chase the dragon, it is quite fun, but sometimes you can’t stop.

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