The Hell of It All - 🐉 LKL

There is a God who went by the name Thoth. No one could say his name right, and if they did no way to know. The only way to know is to ask him yourself. Thoth is a God of wisdom and he tells the most outrageous stories to those that don’t comprehend.

Thoth did not gain his wisdom on this planet, it simply has not been around long enough. He was a high priest on Atlantis, but when it met it’s doom he left toward the land of Egypt. The barbarians of Egypt at the time lacked the same wisdom, or knowledge as Thoth. If he did not have a birds head at the time the men would have said he was crazy. Having a birds head helped convince these people that what he said was obviously just different, not crazy.

Thoth spoke honestly and openly to the barbarian natives. He told them about how he escaped Atlantis before it’s demise in his spaceship then came down to Egypt and buried his spaceship under the Sphinx. He had compassion on men. A few Gods said he was foolish for intervening with lower life forms, but admired his wisdom in the way he went about it. He knew a few of the other local Gods as well. Such as the Dagda in Ireland who built Newgrange, and others that landed on various areas of the world.

The Gods were just as different from each other as we are. Dagda was seen as pure alpha male, he to was a God of wisdom, but all Gods were compared to us. Those in Ireland called him the “Good God”, obviously having some experience dealing with others they thought not so good. Gods all had mastered what they were and had power over life and death. They also die as we do when incarnate on this earth.

Each God that cared, tried to reason with the people to help them grow out of their innocence that would hold them back. They tried to comfort regarding death, each in their own way. Thoth build pyramids, and Dogda built Newgrange. They were built out of such large stones people today are amazed and always guessing as to how they must have done it.

Thoth lived on our planet just as we do in our form. He is often depicted with various heads of animals in artwork. This is because he manifested an appearance different from our own. If he liked dogs, the next lifetime he would grow a dogs head. He was wise in doing this. Men all knew he was a God, and if he took the same form men would see themselves as the same. This would cause problems as Thoth wanted their attention. Plus it looked rather striking, as men painted him often this way.

In his divine wisdom he laughed and drank beers with other men. Beer he taught them to make. One time one of the men ask him, “How come we look different than the other creatures around us?”

Thoth was always a comedian, and enjoyed his wise puns, “Because you see differently.”

“Haha! But in all seriousness..”, he continued. “A long time ago there was another rag tag group of Gods. You might call them aliens, but they were wiser than you anyway.”

Thoth continued, “They saw your world pop up rather quickly. It looked volatile, like it would not last long you know. They were thinking something like 6000 years and it would be destroyed or blow itself up. Groups would show up here for awhile, stir shit, and leave. Some used the locals for sport and satisfaction. Some would terrorize the locals, cause floods, volcanoes, plagues, and false doctrines. Some Gods fell in love with the females and made love to them as only God’s could do. In wisdom, as well as love, they did this so there would be wiser beings among you to help you gain self awareness before you blow the world up out of torment.”

“All you bare skinned animals are hybrids of one of us, you are children of light as myself. That is why you can deny your instincts, that is why you can evolve in so many ways now.”

There was no mistaking Thoth. He made known to men his control over both matter and energy. He built the pyramids himself. Men are still trying to figure out how other men made them, but it is quite simple if you know how. If you are a God. When I was young I was taught that they had found no soot in the tunnels, so obviously there had to be slaves working in the dark. Recently, men have obviously started to only accept as truth what they can accomplish with their own works.

Thoth’s wisdom speaks through the ages. He had men paint descriptions of everything they did. “Document it in rock”, he said. “The more solid rock, the longer it will last.” In one description he had them paint the light tubes they would walk around with in the dark catacombs. Way before Tesla’s tower - the pyramids, being buried so deep and sticking up high, covered with metal which has long since weathered away, focused the earths own electrons in such a way that Egyptians just walked around with glass tubes that worked much like fluorescent lightbulbs. The pyramids themselves acting like wireless batteries. The Gods could charge this light themselves as they had direction over their natural electricity. Men could not do so unless they were enlightened. Thus we now call it being enlightened. If one was not, they would have a hard time navigating the pyramids, pretty much impossible. One guy tried to light a torch and go in, but at the time there was a build up of methane gases and he shot out, ass first, on fire as if through a cannon.

Thoth lived several times on this planet and also in Europe as Hermes the thrice. He spread his wisdom upon men so they may live as they are supposed to, as they truly are, as themselves.

Thoth gave men hope. He reasoned with them rather simply. In fact he repeated himself verse, after verse, after verse. To read his writing translated is fascinating as it is the same truths described with the same words, many different ways. Smart men believe it is hocus-pocus, they believe it is hypnotic propaganda set to confuse and separate the mind. This is why Thoth had his words recorded on a set of emerald tablets. They were not made out of normal emerald. It was a green substance that looked like emerald, but was impermeable to oxidization and corrosion. There are stories of other famous people seeing these tablets like Isaac Newton, but since then no one knows where they are at. I would love to say I have seen them, but only read a supposed interpretation of them on the internet.

His message was simple. He said we are all children of light, we are infant Gods. To believe you are not is to believe you are of this earth, are no more than dirt. In a material world where there is an illusion of absolute, accomplishment, progress; ego is born. If we grow too fast we marvel in ourselves so we lose our footing through pride. It is because we lack wisdom we think we should resort to power, but without wisdom, we have no power, only illusion.

So he told of these halls through which you pass when you die. He called them the Halls of Amenti. If you had no ego, you would pass through with ease, and remember the lessons of your past lives, continuing to grow. If you have ego, you will be reborn again, but your memory of lessons wiped clean by a god of forgetfulness and mercy so you may get it right. It is the nature of the spirit to share and the nature of the ego to take. The hell is waking up to swallow illusion and not grow, then die to relive the same torments, addictions, and weaknesses until finally waking the fuck up.

So enlightenment as it is, is simply the mastery of your own energies. It can span lifetimes if that is your journey. All of us are children of light, he repeats this a lot.

We are all growing or dissipating. When we are dissipating we do not mind. When we are growing nothing can stop us. Fear paralyzes our growth. Guilt and shame create karmic debts which may take more than one lifetime to pay off. We should not be sorry, because we should not do things we would be sorry for. When we are growing we seek balance and harmony, once we have mastered one thing, we move to another, or may rest.

The hell is to believe that this world is all there is to it. It negates a simple truth in oneself that they are something more than just material decaying. It makes desperate and greedy souls out of men. Men collect riches, then foolishly save them for another life. The very joke is that this ego, that they may start ahead of others in the next life, will cause them to forget where they buried their treasure. They will begin again until they get this right. It works with everything. If you grow ego from anything it will surely destroy the whole, whether it be love, money, power, lust, or pleasures. With wisdom all things easily come, without it you toil for promised treasure. Treasure you promised yourself. Treasure you comfort your own fears with, telling yourself your earthly accomplishments will somehow benefit you in the next life. Growth does not happen through material alone, it requires energy. Do you believe you are matter or energy, or both?

Ego is thinking you have a secret shortcut to salvation when it’s really unnecessary, or that you may gain wisdom without understanding foolishness, that you may win without first losing, or live without dying.

Thoth obviously moved on to other things eventually. I don’t know what kind of God he is now, but if you call on him for wisdom he has now mastered it.

I suppose really.. your ego is the hell of it all.

  • 🐉 LKL