Chakra means circle and refers to points on the body that correspond to frequencies of colors, sound, and light. Each chakra represents the organs that lie within. In some areas diseases are diagnosed by the chakra that is out of alignment. For instance, someone with stomach issues may have an imbalance in the solar plexus area. By meditation on the vibration that harmonizes this chakra one can assist in healing their ailments.

Chakra: Crown Purpose: Connection to the divine Color: White Affirmation: I know Planet: Moon Music Note: B

Chakra: Third Eye Purpose: Connect with others, empathy Color: Purple Affirmation: I see Planet: Venus Music Note: A

Chakra: Throat Purpose: To communicate Color: Blue Affirmation: I speak Planet: Jupiter Music Note: G

Chakra: Heart Purpose: Compassion Color: Green / Pink ffirmation: I love Planet: Saturn Music Note: F

Chakra: Solar Plexus Purpose: Metabolism , action Color: Yellow Affirmation: I do Planet: Mercury Music Note: E

Chakra: Sacral Purpose: Sexual, emotions Color: Orange Affirmation: I feel Planet: Sun Music Note: D

Chakra: Root Purpose: Security, comfort Color: Red, Black Affirmation: I am Planet: Mars Music Note: C

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