Properties: Brazilian agate provides emotional, physical, and mental balance. Harmonizing yin and yang this material that naturally also occurs in our body can provide stability and introspection on ones character.

Zodiac: Gemini May 21 and June 20 Element: Earth Material: Silicon Dioxide Quartz family Location: Brazil Chakra: Cleansing: Various - stabilizing (some affect various chakras in different ways, for instance blue lace agate will resonate with the throat chakra strongly.)

History: One of the worlds oldest healing stones it has been used for everything from broken bones to healing of the skin. Cowboys would carry this with the notion that it would help them against broken bones and if they did break one it would heal faster.

Possibly one of the first suggestions to weather manipulations was quoted by Pliny (a roman historian) in regards to the Magi teaching in Persia that storms might be averted by burning agate. Today scientist are studying using Silicon Dioxide as a more efficient way of weather manipulation than sulfur dioxide or aluminum dioxide.

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