Properties: Provides a release from false friends who simply stay away. As a powerful third eye stone it can help you to discern character of others easily. These crystal points come in two forms male and female as seen in the illustration below. Carrying one of these corresponding to your own sex is supposed to amplify its effect. Amethyst can help one to learn of underlying causes of behaviors and helps with self examination as well.

  • Hardness:​ 7
  • Chakra:​ Third Eye
  • Affirmation: I see
  • Zodiac: Pisces, 20th February to 20th March
  • Element: Wind

Historical: Neolithic people of Europe used it as early as 25,000 BC and in ancient Egypt it was made into beads and amulets. The Greeks believed wearing this adds firmness to ones character. The name comes from the Greek word “amethystos” which means “not drunk”.

Geology: Belonging to the quartz family, its color comes from traces of titanium, manganese, and iron. Well known sites include sites in Brazil, Uruguay, Mexico, and Western Australia. Lesser amounts have been discovered in the United States. There is an amethyst mine 60 miles out of Phoenix accessible only by helicopter.

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