Properties: The calm ocean blue of this stone clears the mind and opens the creative side. A cleansing stone it can ease your nerves as you lead or speak to a group of people. Carried it is said to help with hunger suppression. It is also reactive under a black light.

Chakra: Throat Affirmation: I speak Element: Zodiac: Sometimes associated with Gemini Hardness: 5 Material: Phosphate mineral

History: Apatite is derived from the Greek word ‘apatein’ meaning ‘to deceive’ because it can easily be mistaken for more valuable minerals. It is made from the mineral phosphate that make up the teeth and bones of vertebrate animals such as horns, antlers, and tusk. Although specimens have been considered gemstones apatite is mined mainly for phosphates to make fertilizer. Today research is going on using apatite for trapping heavy metals in groundwater.

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