Properties: Simply stated fluorite can clear your head. It harmonizes the third eye chakra helping you find clarity and understanding. Carrying this with you can help you open paths to happiness and peace.

  • Chakra: Third Eye (balances crown to heart)
  • Affirmation: I see
  • Element: Calcium Fluoride - Halide family
  • Hardness: 4
  • Zodiac: Pisces Feb 19th to Mar 20th

History: Used by ancient Egyptians, Romans, Celts, Britons, French, Germans, Chinese and numerous others it has always been valued. Romans would make cups out of them and it was highly valued as a talisman. Ancients believed it was crystalized light that would bring knowledge and light to ones mind.

The name fluorite comes from the latin word “flux” which means flowing and mixing materials for improvement. Fluorite is also commonly used as a flux to join two different metals.

“It came to be deemed to the proof of wealth, the true glory of luxury, to possess something that might be destroyed in a moment.” ~ Pliny in regards to Flourite (ancient roman historian and author of the first book of crystal properties.)

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