Iron Pyrite

Properties: Carrying this stone can give you a sense of emotional well-being. It is said to deflect negative patterns of behavior. A stone of will. Carrying this stone will give you a sense of focus in regards to what you need to get done, simplifying the mental complexities we attach to what we have to do.

  • Hardness: 6 - 6.5
  • Mineral: Iron Sulfide
  • Tenacity: Brittle
  • โ€‹Chakra:โ€‹ โ€‹Solar Plexus
  • Affirmation: I do

Historical: Known as fools gold this was often discovered by early miners who had yet to discover gold and thought they were rich. Iron pyrite could easily be tested by biting it, gold is much softer at 2 hardness.

Sold at and The Hippie Closet in Mokelumne Hill, CA.