Some items are made by man and not natural elements. These include some gemstones including opalalite and goldstone. While made by man, they still have the same color vibrations as many natural elements. Sometimes it is the frequency of the color that we react to as well as the stone itself.

Here is a list of colors and what it says about us. Normally we predominantly wear the colors of our auras. Click on the color for in depth information.

Yellow - Wisdom, joy, happiness, intellectual energy Green - Life, nature, fertility, and well being Purple - Royalty, magic, and mystery White - Purity and cleanliness Orange - Vitality and endurance Indigo - Intuition, meditation, and deep concentration Gold **]( Wealth, prosperity, and wisdom [Grey]( - Sorrow, security, and maturity [Blue** - Youth, spirituality, truth, and peace Brown - Earth, order, and convention Red - Action, confidence, courage, and vitality Black - Death, earth, and stability