When a stone is said to react or balance many chakras I categorize it as varied. The color is a major hint to which chakra it will apply to. The color and vibration frequency responds to the chakra.


Brown - Root Black or Red - Root Orange - Sacral Gold - Solar Plexus Yellow - Solar Plexus Green - Heart Pink - Heart Blue - Throat Indigo - Third Eye Purple - Third Eye Clear or White - Crown

Gray - Stabilizing

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Stones such as opal, labradorite, and multi-colored stones can produce frequencies that can harmonize many chakras. Chakra balancing relies on many variables and different input. Color, light, sound, touch and of course thought, all play a part in the balancing aspect of these tools. We are always discovering new ways of using the elements around us.

While the chemical make up of rocks is important to know, it can only tell us so much. There is a texture to that rock, a sound it makes when struck, and unique properties, many of which lay dormant in history and others yet to be discovered.