Your Chakra Energies

a personal reference guide.

You're welcome to share, adjust, expand upon, correct, and distribute all this information. This is my copy based on my interpretation and experience.

Energy Flow

Energy flow is affected by colors, music, essential oils, crystals, gemstones, and the planets.

Crown Chakra

Represents: Connection to the divine

Platonic Solid: Sphere

Element: Light

Affirmation: I know

Planet: Moon

Musical Note: B

Colors: Clear, White, Opalescent

This is your connection to the divine. Through this channel you listen to God and other spirits. It is often intuitive and a culmination of exposure of the rest of the chakras. Praying, meditating, and other spiritual practices will exercise this chakra. This is the chakra that gives us life, hope, faith, and is improving in nature. It is the end that plugs into God. As the energy flows, it pulls. This is the chakra of miracles. It can pull energy up through the whole and charge all your chakra centers.

Physical symptoms of misalignment

You feel God is not listening. You feel like everything you have done has been done in waste. You don't feel a connection to other people or spirits and are alone with despair.

Energy Flow

The energy flows upwards through your chakras, although described as a linear path actually leads back to itself. It is a torus. The visible light spectrum lies between ultraviolet and infrared.

Third Eye Chakra

Represents: Connection with Others, Empathy, Understanding, and Perception

Platonic Solid: Dodecahedron

Element: Ether

Affirmation: I see

Planet: Venus

Musical Note: A

Colors: Purple, Lavender, Indigo

The third eye energy resides just behind our forehead between our eyes. It tells us what is true and what is illusion through our logic, intuition, and experiences. It is the command post of our ideas and the window we see the world through. It is where we develop the tools that give meaning to what we do. It justifies our actions. It is responsible for managing our survival and is prone to fear and worry. It can be critical, judgmental, and cause you immense suffering. If energy does not flow it gets backed up and physical symptoms of pain will sprout up from head to toe. Psychosomatic symptoms like chest pains, lethargy, panic attacks, body aches, and migraines.

Physical symptoms of misalignment:

You feel your mind is blown, something you always have thought true was suddenly unveiled as an illusion. You can not control persistent negative thoughts. You feel disoriented, depressed, crazy, betrayed, worthless, and desperate. You cannot see things clearly. Confusion and despair may follow.

Throat Chakra

Represents: Communication, Expression

Platonic Solid: Octahedron

Element: Air

Affirmation: I speak

Musical Note: G

Planet: Jupiter

Colors: Blue

This chakra is where you communicate, express, and create from. You express ideas and feelings through speaking, art, poetry and music. The energy flows from what you love in the heart chakra. You will find skill where you find what you love. Articulation is the art of saying what our heart wants us to. This is also the chakra of truth. We speak what we feel is, or should be true.

Physical symptoms of misalignment:

You can't speak, you have a frog in your throat. You want to say something, but cannot. Stress is a buildup of communication that cannot be released. If this chakra is unbalanced creativity falls silent. Feeling oppressed. This chakra is backed by truth. Seeking truth uncovers lies, apathy, and foolishness causing stress. Stress usually always manifest first in the neck and shoulders.

Energy Flow:

If the throat chakra energy flow is restricted symptoms can progress to migraine headaches in the third eye, or back up to the heart chakra and cause heart issues. Stress is probably the number one killer.

Heart Chakra

Represents: Love and Compassion

Platonic Solid: Star Merkaba

Musical Note: F

Element: Love

Affirmation: I love

Planet: Saturn

Colors: Green (sometimes Pink)

People will feel they do not feel love when this chakra is less charged than others. Just as every action we ever take is supported because we love something it is firmly rooted over the solar plexus chakra. If you analyze everything everyone does at any point in time you will find love responsible. Love for family, love for self, love for money, or love for knowledge everyone is motivated by love.

Physical symptoms of misalignment:

Heartbreak. That swelling and tightness we feel in our chest. Our heart beating more when we feel love, and hurting when we lose it. When this chakra is charged the power can be indescribable. Emptiness in chest. Food is tasteless, deeds unappreciated.

Solar Plexus

Represents: Action

Platonic Solid: Tetrahedron

Musical Note: E

Element: Fire

Affirmation: I do

Planet: Mercury

Colors: Yellow

This is an action Chakra. It is pulled by the heart chakra as you find things you love, and find the actions to support them. Signs this chakra is in effect would be life changes and actions that can direct your life. It is the powerhouse of your soul.

Physical symptoms of misalignment:

When you are over-worked, or not feeling the benefit of what you do this can manifest in very real symptoms. Ulcers, and digestive disorders are often symptoms of what we have over done, or not done a lot of. We may experience warning signs with heartburn, gas, and stomach aches. It causes stress and stress is an imbalance of a specific chakra.

Your solar plexus chakra is the powerhouse of your body. If it is not aligned you will not have any energy.

Sacral Chakra

Represents: Feeling

Platonic Solid: Icosahedron

Musical Note: D

Element: Water

Affirmation: I feel

Planet: Sun

Colors: Orange

This chakra is your sexual chakra and where your kundalini resides and pushes energy up from. Since this chakra resides where are sexual energy resides, it is very powerful and prone to perversion. Perversion is often related to paths related to spending far to much time playing with this chakra. Signs this chakra is aligned would be quality connections with other relationships in your life. Understanding how you feel about them and setting appropriate boundaries.

Physical symptoms of misalignment:

This chakra represents the area of our sexuality. It would not be a surprise that by meddling around with this chakra over time will eventually lead to disease and over-use, or under-use of this region. STD's and pregnancy complications can occur when this chakra is not aligned.

Once you have balanced your Sacral Chakra you understand how you feel. You know your connections and boundaries with others. We are motivated by how we feel, and when we feel good we are more productive. This is the point you will step into the next Chakra.

Root Chakra

Represents: Self

Platonic Solid: Cube

Musical Note: C

Element: Earth

Affirmation: I am

Planet: Mars

Colors: Red and Black

Also known as the base chakra, it is the foundation to start building, and aligning the rest of your chakra's. This is the chakra of being and is tied to the earth. It represents your safety, physical presence.

Chakra Aligned:

Signs of this chakra being stable is a peaceful home, physical security, and having food and shelter.

Physical symptoms:

As the foundation chakra, any and all symptoms can occur as a result of this being out of balance. More specifically since this chakra refers to your physical safety the symptoms you will experience will be more direct. Starvation, dehydration, battle wounds, breaks, and bruises are all symptomatic of this chakra being threatened or attacked.

Keep in mind when thinking of the root chakra that it is a foundation. If your physical safety is under threat you are not very concerned about the other chakras for the time being. Reading, talking, making love, thinking, and meditation are all wasted when you should be eating, getting out of the way of a train, or drowning. Chakras are always fluid and changing all the time. A perfectly balanced soul is always in fluctuation and is changing. Either become more balanced or chaotic.

Once your Root Chakra is in alignment we usually feel the freedom to feel. We naturally start to apply the Sacral Chakra

Some day there are 13 or more chakras, and I suppose you could divide it up as small as you want. My interpretation is 7.

I agree that different tones and hues of colors have different effects. I go into more detail in the effects of colors in my colors article.

Similar Paths

the trees of life

The groves were God’s first temples.
~ William Cullen Bryant

If you want to branch out to other religions you will see very similar 'trees', 'paths', and symbolic energy alignments. The tree of life is in chronological order and is a path of growth. It has two polarities like the Yin Yang, the bottom represents earth and beginnings, and the top is the connection with the divine - becoming divine, or whatever your interpretation is of that.

The groves were God’s first temples.
~ William Cullen Bryant

(Egyptian Origin)

A full size version that you can view the very small text on can be found here at Wikimedia.

I have always been fascinated by the similarities between the Tree of Life and the chakras. The chakras can also be interpreted as a growth path and I will post another page to that in the future.

Here is a link to the
full resolution image.

I understand this interpretation has origins in the Kabbalah. There are interesting similarities.

I find it especially interesting that the line passing directly into The Crown is called the 'Gimel' or Camel line and it passes right through the Kether (also known as the - Eye of the needle). The empty path there is also in the shape of a cross.

...I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.
Jesus - Mathew 19:23-24

Here is another illustration of the tree of life with more description on the polarities.