Buddy at Cochiti Lake

Week of August 21st, 2023

Great Weather Mostly

There were a few thunderstorms and a few warm days.

Waiting for the thunderstorm to approach.

Looking for rabbits

Most of the time you just see lizards running around. They are hard to catch, don't fill you up, and don't taste good either.

Buddy notices a bunny in the bushes.

Where do they come from? Where do they go?

Bunnies are always making an appearance then disappearing into a random bush. It really makes it hard to chase them and my leash is only 40 foot.

Sometimes when we are far out in the desert Tommy lets me off the leash to chase them, but I have never caught one. I like my bacon grease too much.

Doing Yoga - Downward Dog

It was actually some tasty bird droppings.

Every bird dropping taste different and it says a lot about the birds. Tommy thought I was doing yoga because he does that silly stuff, but I was getting my birdie fix in.

Sunset trail run