Valley of Fires New Mexico

September 2nd - 13th, 2023

Beautiful Valley

The temperature was warm to temperate this time of year. There are often afternoon thunderstorms which produce strong winds across the valley. The highest temperature was 93, but cooled off significantly by the 11th. The high on the 12th was only 71 degrees and very humid at 73% because of the thunderstorms the night before.

The campsite is easily accessible directly off a fairly level highway and an hour from I-25. It also features running water, showers, a dump station, and even a book store and information kiosk.


The sites are all very well kept and the camp host Daniel is very attentive and friendly. There is running water and 50AMP electric at some sites. There is steady traffic coming to hike the very nice trail through the lava fields.


Most of the Campsites face north/south so you will get a great view of the sunsets and sunrises

Here is the brochure for the self guided trail.

Side One
Side Two

Radiation Normal

The Trinity Site is only 20 miles southwest of the campground. Many people think this areas should be avoided due to radiation exposure. I measure less background radiation here than in Albuquerque by about half. Apparently the only place still somewhat radioactive is ground zero and behind a fenced area.

Back in the day many in this area got sick from the fallout, but now it is somewhat all dormant. Just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki where ground zero has been paved over, it poses little direct threat now that the radiation has dispersed to everyone in the world.