The Dragon World
a world bygone

You never really hear a lot of legends of the Dragon world. These legends are only partially remembered, filtered through rebirth, as their spirits have found their way to other lands as other beings.

Some people say that the world moves through the universe and during a specified time every 12 years you will find spirits born of the Dragon realm. Although not everyone is a dragon that is born during this time, repeatedly you will welcome men and women you will only know, if you knew dragons. In time, as we know it, the dragon realm existed many thousands of years before, and exist no more. It was destroyed in a violent event that we only hear partial reports about. The ones we do know of report fires, rocks burning, huge canyons of fire opening up, and their loved ones burned or crushed before them. Even dragons are not sure what destroyed their world. What they are sure of, is that it had nothing to do with nuclear war, pollution, or technological advances as we know of them today.

This world was far beyond lush, every living thing lived in bounty until it's very own existence balanced living in harmony with everything else.

When survival became strained for a living thing it adapted slowly over time, it found it's prey very selectively, and the world bowed to the conquest of the strongest beings.

This world was not unlike our own, but only when we have seen it in it's natural nutrient rich state. The air was more humid and rich in nitrogen. It smelled like a fertile greenhouse. It had seas, lakes, rivers, lands, deserts, and ice caps.

There were cycles of change, but this world was far older than our own. The mountains lost their sharp edges, life naturally developed and interacted with everything else of all life types. The planets rotation after tens of thousands of years had slowed to a 36 hour day. Dragons usually only slept 7 hours a day. There was more than one sun and the darker hours were limited so dragons simply rested when they were tired. The days and nights cycled through various colored sunsets and rises from different colored suns. The contrasting light spectrums, and angles brought out the brightest colors. Colors we can not imagine with only one spectrum of light. There was not just light and dark. There were creatures that would only come out when the light was deep blue. Their color reacted with the light in such a magical way that it's prey never regretted it's last dinner. They appeared to glow with a pink light of their own. They looked delicious, as if you could taste a color. To view such spectrum is spectacular and it is only wisdom that can protect you from it's beauty. It enchants through desire and pleasure, yet is not evil. It has adapted.

The planet had more land, less water, and less salt.

Storms were not as fierce as the planet had lived a lot longer and was no longer building.

There was one, and only one large being that could fly. This being was the Dragon. The dragon is one of the oldest living creatures ever, having seen thousands of years of evolution and being incredibly intelligent they were the supreme guardians of the planet. They did not fight crime, it did not exist, justice is not needed. Life happens regardless of what you think, and there is no need to judge it. The guardians ruled with supreme passion and dedication for the planet. Dragons never developed opposable thumbs. There was no need to develop anything anyway. Every weapon a creature had developed through necessity and had been earned. So using it was just. It's needs became such a necessity that thousands of years rewarded each with their own tools for it. — Tommy, A Dragon World

Dragons are incredibly wise because there is no fear, no evil force to be afraid of. In fact this very thing led to the dragons enlightenment. This world had no language as we know it. They had not needed it. Dragons are passionate, but physical intimacy as we know it does not happen there. Dragons are scaled to protect them and physical contact and chemistry do not exist as it does for us. Reproduction could be said to be divine, but is a result of asexual fertilization upon unseen electrical or magnetic connection between two. A charge of spirit not unlike our orgasm, but involving the entire being.

Dragons, like lobsters, lived as long as they willed it, considering how well they used their manifestation, and of course, considering physical limitations.

The dragons time was not destined or planned, but just as we know we will fall when we lose our footing, the dragon knows when it is time to go. They did not believe in re-incarnation as we speak of it. They never really thought of it. However, generation after generation of them continued to become wiser. There were no interplanetary threats that ever lived without adapting to the planet. I suppose you could say it was darwinian in nature. The Dragons would always warn, but that is all they could do.

When they played they were performing their biggest service to the planet.

They looked upon the world with compassion. When little else was going on they would witness births, death, pain, and suffering. Whatever dragons purpose was it was mercy. Mercy for suffering, and it was always completed with divine wisdom and love for the planet. Dragons protect that which they value. They are smart, wise, and particularly different. A dragon will very much do what he says. You will find it easy to talk to a dragon, but very hard to connect.

Dragons spirits are old to the dragon world and new to any other world they appear on.

Just as the eyes have a moment of blindness as they move from dark to light, so does the soul experience confusion upon awakening. They never forget what they see, can be foolishly determined, stubborn, and difficult to communicate with. Their intelligence generally can promote increased compassion for people, or if twisted, disgust and contempt, but then they lose their magic. They let it go. A suicide of their creativity. Dragons know illusion, many life forms use it for protection, including dragons.

Yes! Dragon spirits in other realms are often pilots, very good pilots as that. They have a knack for this dimension, and feel free when they do. Fear, of course, of high places is not a fear a dragon avoids. It is exciting as hell when you master it, and charges your spirit. Dragon spirits in other realms often have dreams of flying they can not explain. ABTITLE

  1. Dragons are trustworthy at a very deep, eternal level.
  2. They always believed what they saw in other realms and are always looking for truth in worlds where everything seems strange.
  3. lease remember that not every dragon is new to a realm.
  4. Occasionally they will stay more than one lifetime.
  5. Otherwise, to hell with your planet, a dragon will sleep ten thousand years to find a place he loves.

Logically: ego="fear"*102

	Otherwise, to hell with your planet, 
    a dragon will sleep ten thousand years
     to find a place he loves.
You ask about why the dragon world was destroyed?
Nobody knows, they were just living their lives when they witnessed its end.
Maybe we ought to start asking better questions
stop trying to procrastinate, and extend the future.
Start living in the now.
If we make each moment the best we can, we do not need to worry about the past or the future.
The present is your gift.

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