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13 SEP 23

Valley of Fires New Mexico

Valley of Fires

Buddy and I find a real nice campsite and trail at Valley of Fires New Mexico.

26 AUG 23

All About This Website

A long rant about my experience blogging, social media control, the many layers of insecurity in our IT, and why this website is all hand coded HTML.

24 AUG 23

Trip to Cochiti Lake NM

Buddy and I took a trip to Cochiti lake so he could watch wild bunnies, dogs, and birds.

5 JUL 19


Posted an article about colors, how they affect you, and what they say about you.

19 APR 19

A reference I put together on all the chakras and associated elements.

27 MAY 18

Zen Focus

Redesigned my site and started posting my favorite Zen stories.

28 FEB 18

Zen Animations

Episode 5 - The Fearless Monk

Fear and strength in adversity.

27 FEB 18

Zen Animations

Episode 4 - Fix the World

On of my favorite stories I heard from a Buddhist in Thailand.

26 FEB 18

Zen Animations

Episode 3 - Kind of People

Sometimes the problem isn't the other people.

25 FEB 18

Zen Animations

Episode 2 - The Wishing Tree

We are restricted by our own troubles and woes.

24 FEB 18

Zen Animations

Episode 1 - The Gold Bowl Thief

Began making my favorite zen stories into animated cartoons using Adobe Animate

5 OCT 17

After past life regression meditations I had visions of a world dominated by dragons and it's final moments.

Ignore the format of this article. I use it for testing my CSS typography.

21 MAR 16

Posting lots of articles about Zen, the Tao, and Yin Yang energies.

30 SEP 14

Quote Time

Posting with a strong emphasis on finding wise quotes and grouping them into categories.

27 MAR 14

Making Flashlights with Pennies

I show you how to make a flashlight out of a LED, a few pennies, and some lime juice.

12 MAY 11

My Experience Driving a Truck

I took a break from IT, went back to driving and was so tired of computers I didn't even use GPS like the first time. By the time I was done with two years of it I had visited every state but Maine.

2 FEB 11


I launched a web hosting company. It is a fully automated system that works well. I can only raise a handful of clients over 9 months and shut it down.

5 SEP 06

I leave IT to go drive a semi-truck. I do a lot of blogging about places I had been. I made a flash animation to track my routes. It doesn't work anymore, but on the screenshot you can see you will experience most of the US in just 6 months of team driving.


I graduate from Wichita State University with a degree in Management Information Systems. I am ready to tackle the world! Go Shockers!

19 JUL 02

As a hobby I took up Flash Animation design and made websites and animated cartoons. was my blog for a few years. There is nothing really to show because flash no longer works or is supported. Just this banner.


Began working with databases in the Army making AD-HOC reports with Access 1.0 and Windows NT Servers.

Fascinated with the power of information, I left the Army and started college for MIS (Management Information Systems)

1 DEC 97

My very first website I made. Earned $100 and hour for hand coding it in HTML using Microsoft FrontPage.


I learned to type using Mavis Beacon. It took me a year to get up to 30 WPM.